Vol. 1

by The Dump Trumps

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100% of proceeds from this album and all our shows are donated to Planned Parenthood


released February 12, 2017

All songs written, performed, and recorded by Eric Daino in Denton, TX



all rights reserved


The Dump Trumps Denton, Texas

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Track Name: Your Fault
You’re a racist if you voted for a racist
Responsibility is yours
You’re in denial if you think you’re not a racist
Simply choosing to ignore

Police brutality, incarceration rates,
and growing economic gaps

just because you don’t have a swastika tattooed on your forehead
doesn’t mean that you’re OK
Just because you don’t believe everything that fucking monster has said
Doesn’t mean he didn’t fool you anyway

Blue Collar White America
Do you really feel you got the raw deal?
Blue Collar White America
What makes you think a Wall Street Billionaire
Who made his career fucking all you over
Is gonna make the changes you want
Blue Collar White America
I’m calling out you’re Bullshit now

You’re a racist cause you voted for a racist
Responsibility is yours
You’re in denial, but you are a fuckin’ racist
This is all your fault
Track Name: No Borders No Walls
Give me your tired, your poor
Your huddled masses, yeah right, yeah right
Some New Yorker you are
How do you sleep at night

Grandson of an immigrant, Hypocrite! Hypocrite!
so scared of the innocent – Xenophobic idiot! X2

What are you so scared of?
Track Name: Aristocracy
So much lately has been testing my patience
All these false definitions of nations
That the media has tricked you to believe if you have
Never felt the love at a punk show in a basement

They were supposed to be our brothers and sisters
But now they’re screaming out what once was just a whisper
Fear and bigotry bought into by the poor, the only thing they could afford
But I would rather beg to differ

The lower class don’t know what to believe in
The aristocracy knows their true enemy is
Knowledge that we have the power to succeed
If we can stop fighting for once and diagnose our diseases

well I can’t afford health care, I must not deserve it
nor the American Dream, so is it even worth it
Well I can’t afford a voice, even if I earned it
I sang a song today, but nobody heard it

Whoa oh, they will never hear us from their ivory towers
whoa oh , so we tear the towers down

we can not pretend any longer to believe their lie
Hope does not trickle down, we gotta make our move
It’s now or never

Unity will never be complete
Under an aristocracy
Unity will remain out of reach
Until we tear down the aristocracy
Track Name: Celebrity America
Here we go don’t you change that channel
It’s an all-new season for politics
Guaranteed to become your favorite show, whoa oh
Some players got voted off the island
Like common sense, honesty, and liberty
Dead weight that we knew would have to go, whoa oh

You can tune in every night

It’s the new entertainment now
Televised for advertising revenue, you’re selling us out
America is your new cash cow
Celebrity, Is this just a game to you, a reality show

Distracting you from the things that matter
So much hate in a hundred forty characters
Gotta stop, gotta put that iPhone down
I will not sit around and watch it
(We will not sit around watch it)
I will not sit around and watch this train wreck

You can tune in every night
Talking heads and sound bites

The revolution will not be televised, it can’t get the ratings
Instead de-evolution unfolds before our eyes, yeah
Track Name: Paradise Lost, Reward If Found
What was so great about America?
Your nostalgia is white washed, our progress is lost, FUCK YOU

Well I hope if you’ve got some political time machine
It’ll take you to (whoa oh)
A sci-fi alternate timeline where
Alternative facts are true (Whoa oh!)
Cause nothing in our past is worth a return
You’re only gonna make this country worse
We’re still gonna fight for forward progress (whoa oh)

Progress! We will fight for progress, Fuck you!

We don’t want a cabinet full of sycophants and idiots
Perry, Carson, Sessions, and DeVos,
You’re all full of shit!
Homophobes, racists, billionaires
Unqualified's an understatement
That swamp is filling right back up
With fucking scumbags

Every step you take is in the wrong direction
This is home for more than rich white TV stars
And every other “other” will be fighting you on everything

Your hatred will only unite us more
Complacency is not an option anymore